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I'm not all about Planetoid, it's just my first project. (changed name from 'Nightbreaker' to 'Fate' on 18th of June, 2014)


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I've very recently returned to being a disability support worker, returning to care for a family that I had done so already for nearly ten years. It's a single mother with a wheel-chair bound son who has cereberal palsy and autism. When I first started help look after them, the son was maybe 11 years old, now he's 24. I preface all this so you can understand that this isn't for me; this is for a family that's already struggling so much.

The mother does everything in her power to try and make life easier for the two of them, but the level of mayhem and disaster makes my ADHD-ladened clusterfuck of a life look like a cake-walk. After their previous service dog passed away (unpleasantly) in December, the family over-extended to try and get a replacement dog. Due to the pandemic, the price of dogs has increased dramatically in our area. Normally, vet bills would be something they can accomodate, but it's only been a few weeks since that huge initial investment, and they haven't financially recovered just yet.

The puppy, Dixie Bell, broke her leg earlier this week - bad enough that it's going to require an operation. Now the family have to either wrangle up $4000 by tuesday for an operation, or the leg will be amputated. it's so fucked. If this had happened a month later, maybe they would have been in a better financial place to deal with it, but now they're in this situation where their currently bottomed out wallet is going to be cause for a lifetime of struggle for this dog. And I don't think any of us would be okay with... being able to look at this hindered dog for the rest of its life knowing it had to suffer because we didn't have the funds in that moment, and that we didn't try hard enough to do something about it.

Knowing I can post to the front page of Newgrounds, and knowing I'd have to look at this dog each shift and think about all the more I could have done; I'm doing everything I can now to do the right thing to try and avoid the suffering of everyone and especially the dog.

If you could help spread the link to anyone that could contribute, or if you could contribute yourself, it would be MASSIVELY appreciated.

I want to give a big thanks to Sam Green, who's already shared the link and contributed. He has been the greatest help so far.


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