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Review for review?

2013-02-01 06:52:43 by Fate

So I've just begun animation on Planetoid's fifth and final chapter, after seeing some reviews on the older installations. They've really inspired me and pushed me towards getting this behemoth of an animation done. This project is going to take me about twelve months of solid work to get done, with a run time of about 22 minutes, and is going to push the visual capabilities of flash a fair bit.

I'm going to need some real push to get me through that, and I really love reviews and seeing what people have to say about the first four chapters, and how far I've come, animation wise.
So, from here on, I will review, one-for-one, in reply to any serious, more-than-three-worded critiques on any of my animations.

We all love input, approval and circle-jerks.
So why not?


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2013-02-01 08:11:04

Oh, I've seen your stuff around. Shit... I'm not good at reviews at all, but no one is posting so far, so I'll say some minor bullshit, because that's really all I can muster.

The art style... It's obvious that your animating has gotten and is getting better and better. I especially liked the first part, because it looked outlandish and weird and in turn - awesome. Which, I think, is fitting, because the whole story is pretty outlandish, plus the whole 'no speech' thing makes it even more so. And as the series go further, the animations get better, but it's losing the outlandishness aspect in my opinion and has gotten more casual actiony, though, looking at the link you posted for a sneak preview of the animation of the incoming part, I have to say that the nice weirdness of textures is coming back. And that's super cool.

Music was also pretty perfect in the first one. In the last one so far the music was... not as good. I mean, it fit great in some parts, but it also made no sense in others. It had the whole fast techno or (whatever the fuck this style is called) beat when the action was pretty damn timid. So that's basically a bunch of swings and half of them were perfect hits, others were misses. Which is still great, combo'ing music and animation can't be an easy feat.

And... well, I don't fucking know.

From what I understand you're saying that whoever leaves a review gets a review one of their shit. If that's correct, please don't do that. I made two rushed shitty games and at the moment I'm trying to throw out something actually coherent and interesting. I can sympathize on the whole push needing, I'm nowhere near to doing such huge scale stuff as you're planning to do, but still, when you wanna create something good it's really hard get the motivation up. It's especially hard to keep it throughout the process.

Hopefully you get through all of this shit and pop out that final episode.

Fate responds:

You may have seen some of it for robot day.
The last chapter has the style of all four previous installations combined; textures, gradients, motion and light, respectively, so I hope that can bring back that outlandish vibe a little.
Unfortunately, it's going to have speech. Some people aren't going to like that as much, but it's not just thrown in willy-nilly. It serves a vital purpose that I hope people will understand.

Thanks for the review. I won't leave anything on your 'shitty stuff', as requested, but if you ever need some input/help on what you're creating, just send me a pm :)


2013-02-01 11:35:06

I never took a look at your work. I'l try to do that if I have time, and send you a PM.

Fate responds:

:) I premptively love you.