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Chapter 5

2013-02-03 07:12:41 by Fate

It hath begun.

Chapter 5


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2013-02-19 23:40:27

I can't wait! Loved your earlier Planetoids.

(the Fourth was the first video I watched on NG, way before I made an account.)

(Updated ) Fate responds:

Wow, what an odd introduction to Newgrounds.

I hope you're still around when I finish this behemoth :)


2013-05-05 10:19:56

This is one long beginning.

Fate responds:

Man, you don't even know. Around uni, I predict this is going to take me another 12 months. To justify that length of time, however, the animation will go for 23 MINUTES. 23! I hope you're still around to see it then. I feel bad for the people that have shown interest now, when there's still such a large wait :(