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Robot Day animation

2013-07-13 09:42:31 by Fate

>>> Free Fall <<<


So I apparently need to start finishing my animations before I post them. I always find myself pulling two or three all-nighters in the lead-up to an event like Robot Day, and I'm always so close.
Like last year, I have posted with one or two incomplete shots still left in the animation, concerned for the time bracket of the Robot Day competition.

Having seen the other entries this year though, I don't think I have a snowball's chance in hell at winning anything, so I may have been better off finishing it off properly and posting it when everything is as polished as I would have liked.

Everything should be resolved before Monday, however, so keep an eye out, as it'll be perfect very soon.
I have mixed emotions about the lower initial score, too. I get frustrated some times that my series, that have taken hundreds of hours of my life away, have managed nothing better than a Daily 4th, but I also like the appeal of this series being kinda tucked away and unappreciated.
I LOVE feedback, and people watching my stuff, and being interested in when the next installment comes out, but I also know that the next installment is always so far away, and having people waiting on me feels awful.
Maybe when Chapter 5 is out, I'll be okay with some form of recognition.

As for some Chapter 5 news, its current run time is 23 whopping minutes, as I'm making it a self contained movie (i.e. it includes the previous 4 chapters) so that I can enter it into film festivals, etc.

But I'm constantly growing, as an animator, and the Planetoid series has always been me pushing my skills to the max with as much as I can, and Chapter 5 will be no different. It's going to have a very similar visual style to Free Fall, with the no outlines and textures, but there's a lot more movement from the characters, and a lot more diverse backgrounds, so it's going to be a lot of work.

Also, Free Fall obviously doesn't fall into the Planetoid timeline, though it clearly contains the same character(s) and locations, so I'll let you decide whether it happens before or after the events of the Planetoid Saga.

And maybe, if you've made it this far, you can help me out. Since this last chapter is all encompassing, should I call it 'Planetoid - Chapter 5', or just 'Planetoid', as it has all of them? I'm having a REALLY hard time deciding.
Also, it won't void the previous four chapters. Them being included in the last chapter is like a 'Last time, on Planetoid' thing, and robs a lot of emotions from the events that happen, like the birds in chapter 3.

Finally, I think I'll just add that I look forward to the day where people will start to question some of the decisions I've made in the series. Like.. pyramids, birds, MOTHAFLIPPING PLANETOIDS BEING LAUNCHED FROM THE PLANET. Nobody has yet though. I hope it's because you know I'll explain it, but I fear it's because no one is interested.

As I said though, all will be explained.
This has been my rant.
Good eve.



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2013-07-13 12:54:21

I feel you when it comes to finishing a project for an event like Robot Day, as I myself always have to pull all-nighters as well, yet don't make it in time, it has always happened and it will continue to happen... I also know how it is to finally upload the flash you've worked so hard to make and excitingly wait for the feedback and score you'll get once it passes judgement, and I can say that the reality has always been lower than the expectation, that's just, well, the reality. But, on the bright side, you did win Robot Day last year, despite getting Daily 4th (which was probably because your animation was incomplete when you uploaded it).

As for naming it "Planetoid - Chapter 5" or just "Planetoid", I'd say you name it just "Planetoid", since it kinda sounds to me like the ultimate animation - it's short, simple and sounds good (in my opinion). For example, The Fast and the Furious 4, isn't called that (and it sounds kinda dumb), it's simply called, Fast & Furious, and that is way better. Another example would be the new X-Men movie, simply called "The Wolverine" (actually, just "Wolverine" would be better), despite there being many X-Men movies prior to that one. I just know there are more examples, but I just can't think of any good ones right now, but my opinion remains that you should call Chapter 5 for simply "Planetoid".

Fate responds:

And done. It shall now be known as just 'Planetoid'.
Your input has been invaluable.

And looking at your most recent news post, I can see that you really can relate to submitting things to robot day in a closing window of time.

I'm finishing this animation up now. Hopefully it gets front paged or something now, as the judgement process wasn't too kind.