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Entry #46

Game changer

2014-06-22 23:04:04 by Fate

*moreso; name changer.

My username was 'Nightbreaker' and now it's 'Fate'.

I'm glad to finally move away from the Martin Sheen/Emilio Estevez movie.


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2015-03-12 19:27:55

Hello again Fate. How is progress and life in general? Been over half a year since we last heard from you.

Fate responds:

I will never ever give up Planetoid and the fate series. But unfortunately it's going to take time. blegh.
Thankyou for your continued support, but I feel this is going to be a let down for a very long time to come, and for that I'm sorry.
My skills have fortunately come a long way, so when the next installation is done, I can promise you it will have been worth it.